you must meet these requirements

Model Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • Must not have any tattoo or permanent make-up done on the eyebrows.

  • Must not have oily skin, wrinkles, acne / large pores in the eyebrow area.

  • Must have moderate fine eyebrow hair.

  • Must not be breastfeeding or pregnant.

  • Must be willing to pay the model fee of $250. If you will require a touch-up after 6-8 weeks, it will be performed by Denisa and it will cost $150.

  • Must not have skin conditions (rashes, eczema, etc.) on or near eyebrows.

  • Must not had Juvederm or other fillers done in the last 6 weeks.

  • Must not be prone to post-inflammatory hypo-pigmentation or keloids.

  • Must not have HIV or Hepatitis.

  • Must not have hemophilia.

  • Must not taking blood thinning medication.

  • Must not have active cancer.

  • Must not have healing disorders.

  • Must not have uncontrolled high blood pressure or mitral valve disorder.

  • Must not be on any skin medication like Accutane and / or steroids which thin and make the skin more sensitive.

  • Must not be on AHA’s or OTC creams for exfoliating, anti-aging, tone correcting or fading.