you must meet these requirements

Model Requirements

  • Must be 18 - 40 years old.

  • Must not have any tattoo, microblading or permanent make-up done previously on the eyebrows.

  • Must have moderate fine eyebrow hair, dry skin and small pores.


  • Those under 18 years old.

  • Those who are pregnant or nursing.

  • Those who smoke - their microblading will fade faster.

  • We do not perform male microblading - we are not specialized in male shapes and hair-stroke patterns.

  • Those who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs during the appointment - we will ask you politely to leave.


  • Those with epilepsy.

  • Those with hemophilia.

  • Those with viral infections and/or diseases.

  • Those with allergies to alcohol or numbing agents like lidocaine as these are used during the procedure.

  • Those who have skin conditions on or near eyebrows. This includes rashes, psoriasis, eczema, melasma, rosacea, shingles, varicella, open cuts, wounds, sores, scar tissue, etc.

  • Those who have auto-immune disease, thyroid disorders, diabetes, other healing disorders, pacemaker, mitral valve disorder, other major heart conditions, high/uncontrolled blood pressure, etc. Any medical condition that affects your skin, prevents your blood from clotting or affects how your body heals will lead to unpredictable healed results (ex: blurry hair-strokes, migration of the color, extreme fading, etc).

  • Those who have darker skin tones as they may be more prone to Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation or keloids. With Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation the microbladed skin may produce melanin and become darker in color (grey, blue, brown or black) and the pigment may heal patchy or may be hidden by the melanin completely and not be visible at all.

  • Those who are going through chemotherapy or have active cancer - we will request a doctor’s note before we can perform the procedure on you.

  • Those who have had plastic surgery done in the eyebrow area, please wait 3 months at least before scheduling an appointment.


  • Those who are taking hormones, steroids, blood thinning medications, thyroid medications, anxiety medications or antidepressants.

  • Those who are using AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Retin-A, or other acids and products for exfoliating, anti-aging, brightening, tone correcting or fading. They will discolor the microbladed eyebrows so make sure you stop them at least 2 weeks before your appointment.

  • Those who have had Juvederm, Botox or other fillers done in the eyebrow area. Please wait at least 4 weeks before scheduling your appointment.

  • Those who are taking skin medications like Accutane, which thin and make the skin more sensitive. Please wait 6 months after getting off any skin medication before scheduling your appointment.


  • Those with extensive asymmetry of the eyebrows due to uneven brow bone, soft tissue, or facial structure.

  • Those with hyper elastic/lax/loose skin.

  • Those with acne/very dry/thin/sensitive/flaky/mature skin as they will bleed more during the procedure and have poor color retention. They are also at more risk of scarring over time.

  • Those with more oily skin and larger pores. The microbladed hair-strokes will not heal as crisp, they can heal thicker/blurrier, more patchy and lead to migration of the pigment.

  • Those with thick/coarse eyebrow hair. You must have fine eyebrow hair for the most natural microblading results as the hair-strokes will blend in better with the eyebrow hair.